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Cocktails and Stories: A Sit-down with Janelle, A Star Bartender/ Cocktail Server at Scarlett's

Our recent interview with Janelle was an absolute blast! We had a great time diving into her multiple roles at Scarlett's and exploring what makes working here so fantastic. Janelle's enthusiasm and passion for her job were contagious, and we couldn't help but get swept up in the excitement. From her favorite cocktails to her most memorable moments behind the bar, Janelle shared it all with infectious energy and flair.

janelle scarletts strip club bartenderWhat initially drew you to working at Scarlett's in Miami, and how has your experience been so far? Scarlett’s has been around for so long and being a guest here so often inspired me to pursue a waitressing position.. My time working here has been nothing short of amazing.

As someone who wears multiple hats as both a bartender and waitress, what do you enjoy most about each role, and are there aspects you find particularly challenging? Bartending and waitressing share many similarities, but I find joy in the unique dynamics of each role. Behind the bar, I enjoy the lively interactions with guests while crafting drinks. On the other hand, waitressing involves nurturing larger tables and groups, providing a more intimate and extended service experience. Bartending offers a fast-paced environment with constant drink service, while waitressing allows for a slower pace, while waitressing lets me slow down and truly connect with guests, making every moment count to keep the party going strong.

 How do you navigate the dynamics of working with entertainers at Scarlett's? Working with the entertainers is an absolute blast! When you have that good relationship, it's like the ultimate party vibe that makes every night a total blast. They bring the energy, the excitement, and that extra spark that elevates the whole guest experience.  

Can you share a memorable moment or positive experience you've had while working at Scarlett's that stands out to you? One of my standout memories from Scarlett's has to be our annual trip to Vegas for the ED award show. It's more than just a work trip—it's a chance for us to bond, explore, and really get to know each other beyond the club walls. Plus, it's also great to see all the other clubs across the U.S. Janelle Cocktail waitress

Working in a busy strip club like Scarlett's must have its unique challenges. What aspects of your job do you find most rewarding, and what, if anything, do you find challenging?  Working at Scarlett's definitely has its challenges, especially when it comes to the late hours. Being one of the latest venues around can mess with your sleep schedule, no doubt. But hey, it's all worth it. I get to work alongside amazing people and make some serious cash lol.

Are there specific drinks or cocktails that you enjoy creating for customers, and do you have any personal favorites on the menu? Raspberry lemon drops are hands down my top pick for guests! They strike the perfect balance between sweet and tangy, giving a fun twist to the classic lemon drop shot. And when it comes to my ultimate Scarlett’s favorite, it's gotta be those lamb chop lollipops!

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