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Meet Harley a Sexy Scarlett's Entertainer

Harley, much like the DC character, embodies a sassy and curvy beauty, delighting in playful role-playing with guests at Scarlett's. Harley thrives on bringing a touch of mischief and excitement at Scarlett's, where her performances are as unforgettable as her personality.    In our exclusive interview, we sat down with Harley and delved into her world with a few intriguing questions.

harley stripper in miamiWhat initially drew you to a career in exotic dancing, and how has your perception of the profession evolved since you started?

To be honest what initially drew me to a career in exotic dancing was my financial situation at that moment. I’m talking around 7 years ago when I had two jobs and I was just cutting so close every month that I needed another alternative to stay here in Miami, at that moment I knew I wanted to give dancing a chance. I was just going to do it for a while to get back on my feet, but as I grew in the profession I fell in love with it. It’s a whole show you have to put on, I mean you want them to be entertained! You get to dress up everyday and the best part the diversity of people that you meet is priceless! You learn so much about life everyday when in that environment.

How do you maintain a balance between your personal and professional life, given the unique nature of your profession?

It's amusing how frequently people inquire about this in my daily encounters. The answer is quite straightforward – I firmly uphold the separation of my professional and personal spheres; maintaining clear boundaries is key! I keep my clientele strictly within the club environment. As for indulging in a few drinks, moderation is crucial, as excessive consumption can impact performance and subsequently affect my financial situation for the week. Another valuable lesson I've acquired is scheduling myself during daytime hours. This allows for easier management of my personal life, enabling me to run errands without succumbing to the fatigue of dancing all night.

What skills do you think are crucial for success in the world of exotic dancing, both on stage and in your interactions with customers?

In my view, possessing charisma ranks among the paramount and essential skills for success in this industry, closely followed by the abilities to improvise and adapt. Dealing with a challenging audience is a common occurrence, demanding the capacity to engage them through confident body language, expressive facial gestures, and unwavering eye contact.

Being shy is not going to help at all! You have to have some communication skills and some business sense for financial management, you need to understand the tipping culture and the settings of the moment to maximize your earnings effectively. Maintaining physical and mental fitness will also help you handle the demanding aspects of the job. Radiating genuine confidence is key to captivating audiences.

How do you approach interacting with guests?

I prefer to connect with guests by approaching them with a sincere smile and making eye contact, perhaps even adding a playful wink when the moment calls for it. This tends to put them at ease. I engage them in light conversations about general topics such as what brings you here today? How is your day so far, can I make it any better for you? What kind of music you enjoy the most? Things like that. Some of them even like when you learn their names and use it in the conversation.  

stripper in miamiCan you describe a memorable or rewarding experience you've had with a guest that highlights the positive aspects of your performance?

The most rewarding experience goes beyond the financial aspects.  I love when my performance makes a positive impact on others.  Numerous instances have motivated other women to embrace greater comfort and confidence within their own skin. As for male guests, it brings me immense satisfaction when I receive requests for specific dances that I've crafted, highlighting my distinct and unique style.  Knowing your performance resonates with and captivates your audience can be immensely validating.

How do you prioritize well-being in your career, and what advice would you give to someone considering a career in performing?

Prioritizing the well-being of an exotic dancer is paramount for both physical and mental health, given the demanding nature of the profession. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods, staying hydrated, and ensuring adequate sleep is essential. Always incorporate warm-up routines before starting your performance to prevent injuries and body aches. For newcomers to the profession, my top advice is to establish and adhere to personal boundaries. Implement stress management strategies such as regular exercise. Create a comfortable environment for yourself, and most importantly, have fun—guests appreciate the positive energy!

See Harley in person on your next visit.  Catch her perfom and enjoy Happy Hour specials every Monday-Friday.

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