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Slayin' Behind the Bar with Ericka and Blake

We caught up with Blake and his partner Ericka for this interview. They're the dynamic duo holding down the fort at Scarlett's main bar. And for those not in the know, that's where all the action happens, and where the South Florida peeps usually gather.

Blake and ErickaWe asked Blake and Ericka what it's like to man the main bar, and they gave us some great insights. They even pulled the classic move of pleading the fifth to keep some secrets under wraps.  Alright, let's jump right in.  

What do you think makes a killer teamwork dynamic behind the bar?  Teamwork behind the bar is all about knowing your partners strengths and weaknesses. Not saying anyone is weak, haha, but it's about picking up on what needs doing to support one another. Being familiar with each other's regular customers and their preferences, or knowing the ins and outs of closing, really comes in handy when we need to cover for each other.

Main bar is different from the other bars in the club. What's your favorite part about working at Main Bar?  Our favorite part about main bar is seeing the whole scene in front and all around us! Ready for whoever and whatever is coming towards us.

So, closing 8 am means you're serving the night owls at 4 am. What's that like, and how do you keep the good vibes rollin' in those late-night hours?  Taking care of the "night owls" is a blast! They're the ones who bring all the energy to the party. Plus, our "ITB Night Owls" are a fantastic bunch to serve after their long shifts. We get to swap stories, both good and bad, of course, haha. We find common stories and have a good laugh as the night rolls on. It's all about chilling out and chatting as things wind down.

Behind the bar, having each other's back is a must. What's the top move a partner can pull to back you up during a wild shift? As we said before about teamwork and having each other’s back, the best thing we can do to help out is just simply going off ones energy and if we are in the weeds (getting slammed) or having a bad night, not feeling well, every day drama we know that someone is gonna handle it.

Best bartenders in MiamiCustomers can be wildcards. What's the weirdest or most annoying request you've dealt with, and how did you handle it? Working as a bartender at a strip club definitely has its challenges you gotta brace for. Every order isn't just a simple Jack and coke; there's usually like four parts to it. First, there's the drink order, obviously. Then there's the change or singles situation. Next up, folks wanna know how to get a dance or where to go for it. And lastly, there's always that wildcard question about putting drinks on a tab at other bars (spoiler: we can't do that). It's not always in that order, though.

On top of all that, you're dealing with visitors from all over the globe who might not be up on tip etiquette. Some folks think it's automatically included, while others might come from places where they think we're just paid by the hour. But hey, keeping cool, smiling, and giving top-notch service usually helps rake in those extra tips when they do come in.

The main bar's right by the mega speakers. How do you deal with the noise and still keep things running smooth with your crew and customers? Yes being around noise is a bit overwhelming but the thing that gets us by is “LIP READING” and of course memorizing what people drink…not names!

Working at Scarlett's has gotta be a ride. Any cool stories or memorable moments with customers or fellow staff that stand out to you? Oddly enough we can not think of ANYTHING for this question, haha!  

But hey, working at a strip club definitely comes with its fair share of interesting tales. You've got your regulars rolling in from the casinos or the high rollers looking for a good time.  One customer closing out had such a great time he wanted to tip each  bartender and the bar back $1000 each. Great times!  Look, we love our job.  Being party of the Scarlett’s party is such an awesome experience.

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