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Yara, Brazil's Hottest Entertainer Lighting up Scarlett's Stage

Let's dive into our interview with Yara, a captivating entertainer at Scarlett's known for her love of dance and entertainment. This statuesque Brazilian beauty enchants our guests with her long legs, drawing them to seek her out for a mesmerizing experience.

 What's your go-to song when you're on stage? Any specific beats that really get you in the zone?
 I absolutely love dancing to any mix by my all-time favorite producer, Deadmau5. Following him, my top three favorites are Fisher, Anyma, and Morten. Being from Brazil, I find that Brazilian funk music is fantastic and complements my dancing style perfectly. It's like a natural fit since it's from my home country.

Do you prefer flying solo during your performances, or do you enjoy teaming up with other entertainers to put on a show?
I enjoy doing solo performances but I’m always open to partner up and learn new things. I’ve been practicing some Lyra tricks and I will be part of the Lyra show soon, so excited!!

When customer says you’re their type, what specific attribute do they mention they like about you?
Customers who request performances from me specifically seek me out for my natural curves, height, skin complexion, and personality.

When you're performing, do you enjoy getting lost in your performance, or do you thrive more on interacting with the audience and guests?

Interacting with the crowd and exchanging pole tricks to keep them entertained is a passion of mine. However, ultimately, my performance is tailored to their desires. Every night brings a unique atmosphere, so I believe it's crucial to gauge the crowd's vibe and preferences. Reading their body language is essential—it gives me insight into how to best tailor my performance for their enjoyment.

Dancing for couples sounds like a unique dynamic. How do you approach it, and what's your favorite part about it?
I like the interaction and the fantasy that it brings when there’s an extra person in the room. It’s always good to spend a few minutes talking and getting to know each other so everyone is comfortable and in the mood for a couple’s show.

What are your plans for your future?  Do you see yourself doing more in the adult industry or do you plan on moving into something else?
It’s a new world for me. I started in this industry when I moved to Miami back in 2022. I’m so grateful Scarlett’s was my first club and now I’m an entertainer full time. I’m enjoying the experience so far and I plan on continuing in the industry until I last as a performer…only time will tell.
I'm also drawn to the behind-the-scenes aspects of entertainment, such as artistic production, makeup, outfit selection, choreography, and management. I'm open to exploring all possibilities and opportunities in these areas!

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