Scarlett's Cabaret Strip Club Miami

What is Scarlett’s Cabaret?

What is Scarlett’s Cabaret? What separates Scarlett’s Cabaret from the other strip clubs in Miami? I mean, there are about 30 strip clubs in Miami, all catering to a different crowd, sporting different types of women. What do we offer, in our opinion, that puts us above the other Miami strip clubs, or even the clubs in Ft. Lauderdale? Well, if you’re interested in knowing keep reading!
For starters, Scarlett’s has been around since 1998. Before we became a gentlemen’s club, we were Zippers, a dance club attracting Miami and Ft. Lauderdale’s youth. See our old DJ booth picture from 1998.

Since then, what has started as a small 6,000 square ft facility, has expanded to an entertainment complex of 30,000 square ft! Currently on our 4th expansion, Scarlett’s ensures we are at the top of the game when it comes to hot entertainers, music, sound and lighting. We always aimed and playing to the crowd, the local folks of South Florida. Located right smack in the middle of the Dade and Broward county line, Scarlett’s attracks not only the locals but the tourism that Miami brings from all over the world.
Scarlett’s has throughout the years invited the local Miami entertainment to perform at our establishment. Don’t be surprised to find a violinist playing along to the high energy music mixed by our resident DJ Storm and DJ Andy, or our famous LED shows that can be seen every weekend. It’s not unusual to see stilt walkers handing out by the front door, handing out T-shirts, beads or LED batons. You may even see local Miami Go-Go dancers heating up the stages every once in a while. If you need a bit more of an explanation, just take a look at this party video inside the club. Scarletts is known for attracting the late after hours party and when most of Miami’s night life closes down, we take the high energy party till 8am in the morning! We are known all over south Florida for having the wildest, sexiest afterhours party in town! Since we do party late, we make sure all our customers have shades so they aren’t murdered by the bright morning sun on their way out!

Scarlett’s is also known for their 100 girl Parade! Every hour on the hour the adult entertainers parade through all of the clubs stages to showcase their stuff! Blondes, brunettes, big chested or tiny ones, American, European, Russian they are all beautiful. Every time they make their way though the crowd the customers stare in awe!
Take a look at some of these beauties! Some of these girls were also featured in our 2014 Super Babes Calendar. Make sure you stop by and grab one before we run out! This 14 month calendar features ONLY the Scarlett’s dream team. You can get your calendar signed by any of our girls…all you have to do is ask!
So, now that you’ve read about us -you get the impression that we operate as a south beach style nightclub, with loud high energy music along with a plethora of beautiful girls. This is how we operate the Miami strip club scene. So now the the question is…. where are you going tonight?